Our goal is for our employees and students to fully utilize the Green Line and other transit to connect to economic opportunities.



  • 1) Increase transit use among Anchors by 5% in 5 years through improved transit pass options and increased transit marketing and outreach.

  • 2) Improve last mile connections to the Green Line via bus, biking and walking.


These objectives can provide benefits to Anchors including better transportation choices for students and employees, a lower carbon footprint, and a reduced need for parking expansion.

The Central Corridor benefits through the improvements to last mile connections—better bike lanes, bus, and pedestrian connectivity—which can be used by other neighborhood employees and residents.

Most of the transit funding comes from sources other than passenger fares. Metro Transit, the primary public transportation operator in the Minneapolis – Saint Paul area, relies on several public funding sources to operate. Resources are limited, so the operator must be as cost-effective as possible to provide service to as many people as possible.

Check out our Green Line Go! app that directs you to sights and destinations near each Green Line station.