Our goal is to achieve a workforce among our anchor institutions that is more representative of local communities along the Central Corridor in order to contribute to better local health outcomes, improved educational achievement, and increased household incomes.  In pursuit of this goal, we have established the following objectives.



  • 1) Increase anchor institution employment from Central Corridor zip codes from 13% to 18% in 5 years - achieved!

  • 2) Achieve racial diversity goals across all job categories among Central Corridor anchor institutions in 5 years.

  • 3) Reduce the racial employment gap in the Central Corridor zip codes from 14% to 10% in 5 years.


In 2015, the Partnership met its initial objective to boost the percentage of local residents in the Anchor institutions' workforce by 5 points  – from 13% to 18%  – in 3 years, achieving a workforce across Anchors comprised of 19% local employees.