“Buy Smart. Buy Near Transit. Buy in the Central Corridor.”

To further stabilize and invest in the Central Corridor neighborhoods, the Partnership worked with the Family Housing Fund and Minnesota Home Ownership Center to create materials that help encourage employees of Anchor institutions to consider living in the Corridor. 

Increasing the number of Anchor employees who live in the area has many benefits, including reducing carbon emissions, reducing transportation costs, strengthening neighborhoods and contributing to a more dynamic community.


Why buy near transit?  

Buying a home near transit makes sense for both your pocketbook and your lifestyle. Many Twin Cities households spend more on transportation than on housing. Households living in existing light rail corridors save thousands of dollars on transportation every year. In addition, home values may even increase when located near the light rail.

Living near transit can also make you healthier. Walking or biking to transit stations can help you build activity into your daily routine. It improves air quality and reduces fossil fuel consumption. For employees of Central Corridor institutions, proximity to a light rail line would allow you to bypass the stress of rush hour and save money while you do it!


Homebuyer Programs

There are a number of buyer assistance and incentive programs for people interested in buying a home in the Central Corridor. The Next Move handout provides short descriptions of available programs, listed by city.  For the most up-to-date information about home ownership programs and resources, contact the Minnesota Home Ownership Center:

Website: http://www.hocmn.org

Phone: (651) 659-9336 or toll free at (866) 462-6466