Grow a more representative local workforce

  • 1) Increase anchor corridor employment 5% in 5 years

    • In 2015, the Partnership achieved this objective by boosting the percentage of local residents in the Anchor institutions' workforce by 5 points  – from 13% to 18%  – in 3 years, achieving a workforce across Anchors comprised of 19% local employees.
  • 2) Achieve diversity goals across all job categories.
  • 3) Reduce racial employment gap 4% in 5 years.

Grow Local Purchasing

  • 1) Create or attract jobs to the Central Corridor by increasing the amount of local purchasing made by the Anchor institutions by 5% over 2012 baseline data.
  • 2) Create cost savings over time for Anchors through collective procurement.

Grow Transit Ridership

  • 1) Increase transit use among Anchors by 5% in 5 years through improved transit pass options and increased transit marketing and outreach.
  • 2) Improve last mile connections to the Green Line via bus, biking and walking.