Medical Careers Pathway for New Americans, Other Students

At the International Institute of Minnesota (IIM), a successful, supportive pathway for New Americans and other students to succeed in medical careers has been 20-plus years in the making. 

The program's proven track record of student success is thanks to comprehensive, responsive training and coursework, including ESL-integrated instruction, social services support, and bridge coursework, to ensure students are ready for college and are receiving assistance in removing barriers to academic success.


The Central Corridor Anchor Partnership is working with IIM, along with Hennepin County, HIRED, and Project for Pride in Living, on the MSPWin Health Careers Initiative to align regional health care workforce training and employers to accelerate closing racial and economic disparities in the Twin Cities.


Nursing Assistant Training

IIM's sustainable wage and career ladder begins with medical and nursing assistant training through which students are placed in nursing assistant positions with one of 79 employer partners.

Since 1990, IIM has helped to place 2,161 individuals in employment as Nursing Assistants. Of the 2,928 students that have enrolled in the Nursing Assistant Training component of the Medical Career Pathway, 2,686 have graduated and 2,561 have attained certification.



College Readiness Academy

Students who need additional preparation before being college-ready have the option of participating in the College Readiness for Medical Careers, aimed at adults working or interested in a health care career. There are prep classes at Saint Paul College to assist in student preparation for academic success.

“We offer an 8-week summer college readiness course, and a longer 14-week course during the academic year that teach students how to succeed in an academic setting and get ongoing support throughout,” said Jane Graupman, Executive Director of IIM.

"This program has proven successful in achieving student retention in academic programs and supporting students that graduate. It is a pathway to medical careers upgrades, allowing students to work and gain income and experience while participating," explained Graupman.



College Support and Medical Career Advancement

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For students seeking to go beyond their current health care career level, IIM provides individualized academic advising and support for students in college and during the early stages of employment. The Medical Careers Pathway program also offers comprehensive financial coaching to help students achieve financial success.

"We are always looking for more students for our programs," said Graupman. "Our message to students who are ready to go to school and need support in the process of laddering up in their health care experience and career path is that we are here to help."

Graupman invites Partnership partners to help spread the word in the community about IIM's Medical Careers Pathways program, enrolling now for the 8-week summer college readiness course and enrolling later in the summer for the fall College Readiness Academy.

College Readiness Academy classes for summer 2018 have already started, but there is still room for some students. Please contact Merle Greene at if you would like to refer a student to a summer program.

Images and data courtesy of IIM.