From Armored Cars to Organic Foods, Partners Work Together on Local Purchasing

Central Corridor Anchor Partnership “meds” or health care partners met in early September to discuss strategies for collective spending with local vendors. These partners shared their interest in hearing about services providers that other partners recommend.

Regions/HealthPartners has invited other Anchor partners, including members of the ACTC purchasing collective, to participate in its RFP for armored car services.  There are four armored car providers located within the Central Corridor.

Partners are also encouraged to pursue local snow removal contracts again this year. Several partners have experienced positive performance and cost results working with CCAP’s preferred snow removal firm Prescription Landscape (

The ongoing opportunity for 25%-35% off pricing at Warners’ Stellian remains available to CCAP partners. The partners are also exploring opportunities to purchase fresh produce from local vendors such as Urban Organics and The Good Acre by working with their food management firms and distributors.