It’s Not About the Map – but the MISSION

Among the Central Corridor Anchors, Bethel University may appear to be geographically more distant from the Central Corridor, but we are closely connected to the Partnership’s mission of promoting regional prosperity through a more local workforce, spending more on local vendors, and promoting transit.  One clear example is our shared commitment to creating pathways to careers in healthcare. 

We recently launched Bethel’s new Center for Healthcare Excellence. Under the leadership of executive director Kristi Moline, the Center will develop pathways for Bethel University students and graduates to healthcare partners.  Our focus is to build stronger internal and external partnerships to benefit both Bethel students and the healthcare industry.  This support for careers in healthcare has led us to explore connections to the Partnership’s highly successful C3 Fellows program. Bethel’s new Center for Healthcare Excellence and C3 Fellows share a commitment to opening doors for college students to work in the healthcare industry. We are also excited to be a part of the Partnership’s new Nursing Initiative to create strong pathways for associate degree RNs to obtain BSN nursing degrees and thereby a more diverse healthcare workforce.

We are working on stronger regional transit connections to the A Line and the Green Line, but we are also setting our sights beyond geography.  At Bethel, we believe that with faith in Christ we can accomplish incredible things in our careers, in our communities, and in our world.  And we celebrate opportunities to work with our fellow Central Corridor Anchor Institutions to pursue healthier, stronger, and better connected communities in the Central Corridor, and beyond. 

Jay Barnes, President

Bethel University