Metro Transit Expands Partnership with College Freshmen

General Manager Brian Lamb, Metro Transit

Building on past success in introducing many Augsburg College Freshman students to transit in 2015, Metro Transit is expanding the program beyond Augsburg to St. Catherine University, University of St. Thomas, and Bethel University

"We are very interested in promoting transit as a lifestyle choice,"

 Metro Transit General Manager Brian Lamb explained. 

"We are grateful that the Central Corridor Anchor Partnership shares this commitment."

The Central Corridor Anchor Partnership is committed to boosting transit use by students and employees by 5% in five years.  Transit experts have identified new students as an important market segment to reach during a formative time of transition. 

Metro Transit has agreed to provide each incoming freshman student with a Go To card loaded with $10 as their student orientation begins.  The students will have the unique option to gain $20 more in value by adding $10 to their Go To card by October 15.

Vice President Doug Hennes, University of St. ThomasLast year, 190 students in the Augsburg College freshman class elected to load $10 onto their transit cards.  Metro Transit has also offered a further transit reward to those 190 students in the Sophomore year. 

University of St. Thomas Vice President Doug Hennes is excited about Metro Transit’s proposal. 

“We introduce transit to our visiting students and families, because the Green Line and other transit connect our students to tremendous amenities that the Twin Cities have to offer,” he explained.  “This move by Metro Transit will reinforce that message with our incoming students, and transit also has a place in our university discussions about sustainability.”