Regions Employee Gina Krey Chose Transit and Isn’t Looking Back

Regions employee Gina Krey is on board with taking transit. Krey uses a Metro Pass paid for through a program Regions offers all employees to commute to and from work daily.

“I like the convenience of just walking to the bus. It goes fast, the driver is sweet, and it’s efficient timing-wise in terms of connecting to the light rail. I like that I’m saving gas money too.”

Krey saves about five minutes on her daily commute by taking transit, a modest benefit but one that is augmented by the other transit benefits she experiences. “Transit has helped me get outside more than if I were just in my car,” Krey said. Beyond physical health, Krey appreciates the stress relief that accompanies transit use. “It’s nice to just talk to whoever is on the bus or light rail and have somebody else drive for me.”  

Krey credits Regions’ Metro Pass program with inspiring her to consider transit. “It’s a huge benefit,” she said. “I’ve always thought about taking transit but it would be kind of complicated for me to figure out if I wanted to pay for that.”