2016: Pathways & Progress in Securing Regional Prosperity

Augsburg College President and Partnership Chair Paul Pribbenow.

The work of anchor institutions to promote our regional prosperity requires the clear alignment of goals and resources, a spirit of collaboration to create shared value, and hard work.  It also requires patience.  This is not the setting where quick fixes appear overnight.   

Nevertheless, we have much progress to celebrate as we meet in the fourth quarter of 2016.  As this Update reports, we are moving hundreds of young people into pathways to  health care careers, steering our construction and operating dollars to local businesses, and introducing thousands of First-Year college students to transit. 

We will be sharing this news on a national stage next month at the Anchor Institutions Task Force annual conference in New York City.  While many of us are new to this work, our Partnership has already become one of the largest collaborations of ‘Eds and Meds’ in the country.  

So there is much here in which we can all take pride, and much more great work ahead for us to do together.