Workforce: Creating Pathways

We are exposing more high school students to a vision of college and a career in health care, moving college students into part-time entry level health care jobs, and crafting a pathway to build a nursing workforce that looks more like our patients.

Scrubs Camp - Envisioning College and Health Care Careers

Both Augsburg and Saint Paul College Scrubs Camps were very successful in 2016. CCAP partners Fairview, Gillette Children’s, HealthEast, and Regions were actively involved, and all partners supported the camps.

C3 Fellows engaged in Saint Paul Scrubs Camp this year, assisting with camp activities and providing an informal mentoring opportunity for camp participants.

Augsburg Camp

69 participants attended the Augsburg Camp, 51% on scholarship. Approximately 80% of program participants were youth of color, and 44% came from Minneapolis or St. Paul. 19% of camp participants would be first generation college students, and 51% came from low income qualifying households.

Student comments:

“I am more driven to pursue a career in health, I’ve learned I really love healthcare!”

“This camp has made a huge impact in my life because looking at all the different health care fields is making me think about my future.”

“At first I was skeptical about coming, but now I really want to be in healthcare.”

Saint Paul College Camp

88 participants attended the Saint Paul College Camp, 45 (51%) of whom attended on a scholarship (89% diverse student scholarships). Approximately 64% of program participants were youth of color, and 54% came from Minneapolis or St. Paul. 18% would be first generation college students and 52% come from low income qualifying households.

Student comments:

“It showed me that I have someone there for me who wants me to succeed in life.”

“It opened my eyes more to the importance of the medical field, and the diverse careers available.”

“It has inspired me to pursue my dreams in the medical field.”

C3 Fellows - Gaining Relevant Experience

Currently, 190 C3 Fellows are working or volunteering in relevant positions, 182 in paid positions, and 8 in volunteer positions. There are 45 new applicants to the program. Fellows have received interviews at Regions Hospital, Fairview Health Services, HCMC, and HealthEast in the last month. Positions include: Nursing Station Technician, Nursing Assistant, Sterile Reprocessing, Environmental Services, Health Care Assistant, and Call Center Associate.

C3 Fellows is assisting in fall programming and career/job fairs at partner colleges. Partner employers attended Career Fairs at all partner campuses this fall. Fairview, HealthEast, and Regions have scheduled visits at MCTC and Saint Paul College. C3 Fellows has begun preparing for the Spring Healthcare Expo, tentatively scheduled for April at MCTC. 

C3 Fellows program leadership at MCTC has shifted to Dean of Health & Human Services Yvette Trotman. This alignment will allow for more seamless coordination and collaboration with program faculty, and will assist in seamlessly incorporating career readiness and employer recommended soft skills into the program. For more information:


Three grants were approved for C3 Fellows in 2016 to date: Saint Paul Foundation ($50,000), F.R. Bigelow Foundation ($50,000), and McKnight Foundation ($50,000).

An application to the Minneapolis Foundation is pending.

Nursing Initiative - Building BSN Diversity

The Nursing Initiative will support racially and ethnically diverse RN nurses from the Central Corridor to earn BSN degrees. Fewer persons of color obtain four year BSN degrees than two year RN degrees, and CCAP knows that the majority of health care job openings within the Central Corridor over the next five years will be for four year degree educated BSN nurses. Our health care partners know that patients respond better to health care service providers with shared cultural competency, and support this initiative to diversify their four year degree BSN workforce. 

Metropolitan State University is serving as lead academic partner responsible for primary RN to BSN degree program coordination, submitting grant applications on behalf of the partners, and management of the program funds for this collaborative effort. Active CCAP partners in the Nursing Initiative include MCTC, St. Kate’s, Saint Paul College, Augsburg, Regions, HealthEast, Gillette Children’s, and Fairview.

Lead partner Metro State and Partnership Counsel have worked together to submit seven applications for funding for the Nursing Initiative. Two applications have resulted in site visits, Otto Bremer Trust and F.R. Bigelow Foundation. Metro State RN to BSN faculty were involved in the site visits and provided helpful detail. Partners will continue to identify funding opportunities and further define Nursing Initiative program details.