Procurement: Buying Local

Health Care Partner Procurement

CCAP health care partners agreed upon a priority list that included creating a list of preferred vendors, meeting with Sodexo about using local produce vendors, and further discussion about a shared sterilization facility.

Local Vendors

Garden Fresh Farms (GFF)

GFF has developed several systems to grow herbs and produce using sustainable methods indoors for consistent year round growth. In 2013 GFF won the National Sustainability Award in the Clean Tech Open, the Minnesota Cup Clean Tech Division. Garden Fresh products are sold at Whole Foods, Lunds, Kowalskis and other retail outlets.  GFF also wholesales and offers daily delivery.  Products include lettuce, sprouts, and herbs.


Fairview developed a relationship with Hirshfield’s, a local, family-owned business that offers Zero-VOC paint which is better for people and for the environment.  Hirshfield’s also manufactures its own paint in Minneapolis and offers paint recycling.

Armored Car

HealthPartners may begin to work with a Central Corridor vendor  for armored car services once its RFP process concludes at the end of October 2016. Education partners are participating in the RFP. 

Snow Removal and Appliances

CCAP partners are urged to continue using or consider working with Central Corridor vendors Prescription Landscape for snow removal and Warners’ Stellian for appliances.