CCAP's Preferred Pricing at Warners' Stellian

CCAP members can continue to take advantage of preferred pricing from Corridor-based Warners’ Stellian, a family owned local business since 1954.  In partnership with the Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities, CCAP negotiated an agreement with Warners’ Stellian in 2013 that has been renewed and offers a 10-15% over cost prices, depending on the manufacturer.  Historically CCAP has purchased refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, ranges, and air conditioners but Warners’ Stellian is able to offer more unique items as well, including medical grade.  The contract is available to all CCAP members and includes free delivery.   Fairview has already take advantage of the contract and reported that the customer service was excellent.

Allison Warner, one of the third generation family members involved in the business, said the partnership with CCAP is mutually beneficial and she looks forward to getting orders from CCAP members.  Warners’ Stellian has a strong commitment to the Central Corridor neighborhood and has a track record of hiring locally and helping people advance in their careers.

A “hot list” of the most common items is available on request and Warners’ Stellian staff will be pleased to provide a quote on any other items with the 10-15% over cost price.  It is very important that orders be placed through the Warners’ Stellian Builder’s Division and not through the retail stores. Contract prices cannot be obtained in the retail stores.