Securing Regional Prosperity by Promoting Transit

Megan Remark, President and CEO, Regions HospitalAt Regions Hospital, we are proud to be part of the nation’s largest consumer‐governed, nonprofit health care organization, and we are proud of our leading edge treatment, integrated specialty care, and our responsibilities as a Level I Trauma Center.   First established in 1872 by the Ramsey County Board of Commissioners as City and County Hospital, we know from our history that a truly healthy and prosperous community is all about partnerships.  We see these partnerships, including the Central Corridor Anchor Partnership, as part of our promise to promote community health and be here for everyone. 

This edition of the Anchor Update reports on how Regions reflected on the Partnership’s goal of promoting transit, and decided to contribute to progress by offering free Metropasses to all of our employees.  We know that this move not only will benefit participating employees, but contributes to multiple layers of benefit for our organization and the community.  Saving on parking infrastructure allows us to devote more resources to our talented workforce and innovations in health care.  Many people are aware of the environmental benefits of taking transit, but what is less widely understood is that transit offers clear benefits to our health.  Who knew that a simple transit pass could do so much to build health and prosperity?

-- Megan Remark, President & CEO, Regions Hospital